Charismatic Dating: Changes in the 21st Century

The Charismatic Movement has become a part of many different denominations within the Christian community. While all of these Christians have the same general beliefs, this movement has shown some changes even within denominations that fall under this flagship title. There is one thing that doesn’t change however you look at it: singles continue to look for suitable partners that share their Christian beliefs. There certainly appears to be an increase in the number of Christian singles attempting to date within the scope of their own beliefs. Although this is common practice among Catholics, Jews and Muslims, it has only recently begun to reach into the other Christian denominations.

Why is there an increase in the need for dating within the scope of one’s beliefs? For centuries it has been common for Protestants to marry within their population but without regard to whether the couple was Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Anglican or other denominations. Now that is changing to some degree partly because some denominations and even individual congregations are making and adapting their own doctrines. While this can be confusing it is still within the scope of the same Christian doctrine and is therefore acceptable. It is not likely to be any different from that of the Eastern and Orthodox Catholics whose teachings simply fall under a different church doctrine.

Charismatic dating suffers from the same difficulties any other religion or belief code does: finding the time to begin looking for acceptable dates. Charismatic singles work and attend school and are therefore on restricted time schedules. Therefore they have the need to find dating partners with the limited time they have, a task that isn’t always easy. If you are working all day and going to school at night you do not have the time to attend those functions that may assist with your desire to meet new potential dating partners. Does that mean you should give up> Not by any means but you may need to use more innovative ways to reach your goals beginning with charismatic online dating.

Is there really an increase in online dating? The busy and hectic lifestyles of singles in the 21st century have definitely created the need for more creative ways to meet people and that includes online dating. The ability to get to know people before you actually meet also increases the security one feels when meeting someone new. Of course you still want to meet in public places until you feel comfortable, but there is some relief in knowing you have been communicating with a particular person for some time before you meet in person. That doesn’t guarantee success by any means because there is clearly a huge difference between communicating through email and telephone as opposed to meeting in person.

Charismatic singles are becoming more drawn to online dating within their own belief systems because of the changes that occur from congregation to congregation. If you have someone who at least is with the same denomination you stand a better chance of a successful relationship.

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